Canada day 12: Kamloops lake, Deadman Junction Ranch, Thomson river, Historic Hat Creek Ranch, Cayoosh point, Joffre Lakes Park

Today we are going in the direction of Squamish. We first went to to Kamloops to fuel the car and drink a cup of coffe. Then we stopped at Kamloops lake (N50.764576, W120.787960):

Little bit further down the road we stopped at Deadman Junction Ranch (N50.772343, W120.954733). It has old western style houses:

It turned out to be a kind a museum. It costs a few dollars to go in so we did.
There was an old coach:

And a few houses with assorted items:

No idea how much was authentic, but it did have some “fake” items. There was also a small store, where we bought a indian arrow head. Also not sure if that was a “find” or just made for the tourists (probably the latter).

We then continued on our way, and stopped a view point over the Thompson rivir valley (N50.797237, W121.109151):

Then onwards to historic hat creek ranch (N50.886520, W121.409581). On this ranch there are a number of original buildigs which were used to offer services to people that traveled over teh “Cariboo Wagon Road”. These buildings are still like they were in 1901. There was also a smith demonstrating how metal was worked back in the days:

One of the original coaches was still there:

The saloon:

One of the guest rooms with original wall paper

There were some kind of marmots:

And pigs:

Building which housed the saloon and the guest rooms:

Photograph of the scenery:

There was also a native American villag. We got a tour from one of the decendents of the original native Americans:

Inside one of the bigger buildings:

Veel van de gebruiken kwamen overeen met de gebruiken van de Sami die we in Lapland hebben bezocht (zie hier).

You can also make a ride with a coach:

After we saw everything we drove onwards to our destination. We stopped at cayoosh point to make a foto (N50.642735, W122.033204):

We also stopped at Joffre Lakes Park (parking area N50.369659, W122.498599). It is only a small walk to the lower lake:

You can also continue to the upper lake, but that was a lot further, so we did not do that.

The last stop was our hotel: The Sea to sky hotel and conference center. At first we could not find the entrance, but turned out that it was on the other side, in the small shopping mall. The hotel was pretty good.

We had a dinner in Squamish at Sushi Sen, which was a small stroll from the hotel.