Curaçao day 10: Playa Porto Marie

Today we went to another beach, Playa Porto Marie (N12.2194765, W69.0854937). This is a payed beach. It does have a nice parkinglot.

You can snorkel there pretty well. There are a reasonable amount of fish and coral. They placed some concrete structures to promote the growing of coral:

Er zwom ook zo’n zwart witte vis die graag op de camera wilde:

Near the rocks there were some very small fish shooting by back and forth:

On some of the coral there is something growing on top:

More fish:

On the way back from the beach we spotted a rather strange bird(N12.2266417 W69.079603). So we tried to quickly make a photograph but the bird didnt want to sit still. We also only took the underwater camera, and that is nowhere as good as focussing as the rx100m7. The background is sharp but the bird is not…:

Once back in the resort we decided to cook some diner ourselves again. We had some sausages. Those were nice.