Canada day 19: Victoria, Sydney, ferry Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen, Vancouver

Today we are going back to Vancouver. Hence we need to board a ferry to leave the island. This time we take the ferry from Swartz Bay (N48.687370, W123.410628) to Tsawwassen (N49.007024, W123.131644). We reserved a spot again on the ferry to be sure we could board, as we did coming to Vancouver island. Because it was still early we decided to check out the area close to the harbor. First to the Royal victoria yacht club(N48.680908, W123.416132):

Then we drove a little bit back from where we came to Sydney (N48.649078, W123.393563). We walked onto a small pier. Photograph from the pier:

There were also some seagulls posing on some poles in the water:

Then we drove a bit along the coast over Lochside Dr. There was a heron in the water:

Some small airplanes also came overhead. We were close to Victoria international airport. E.g. the C-GTEX:

After that we went to the ferry. Photograph from the deck of the ferry:

While en-route we passed some sailingboats:

And also a ferry going the other way:

Once the ferry arrived we drove straight to the place we are going to spend the night. This was the Marpole guest house in Vancouver(N49.209043, W123.133056). This time we chose a sleeping place pretty far from the center of Vancouver, closer to the airport. After we “checked in” we went for diner at the Milltown bar and grill (N49.202280, W123,144319). Diner was pretty good. We sat outside and could see the large aircraft fly overhead. After dinner we went for a stroll around the neighborhood and grabbed a cup of coffee along the way.