Canada day 2: Vancouver (and surrounding area) on Canada Day (1st of July)

Today we woke up pretty early due to the jet lag. Today is Canada Day. It is the memorial day that the “British North America Act” activated in 1867. This act was an important step in Canada’s independence inside the Brittish empire. On this day there are a number of festivities.

We first went downstairs to get breakfast. At the breakfast we saw a squirrel very close to us outside:
De dag begon dus al goed.

After breakfast we went on foot into Vancouver. We decided to go in the direction of Gastown. Along the way we saw a small church in between the high rise buildings (N49.284680, W123.120773):

A little bit like you also have in New York city.

One of the high rise buildings close by (N49.285777, W123.118652):

A local saw us take photographs and told us that there is a nice art-deco building close by. So we headed there (N49.287322, W123.116950). Indeed a magnificent art-deco intrance (marine building):

We were close to “Canada place”, so we stopped there as well. It was really busy there, there was podium with music etc. On the dock there was a Disney cruise ship. Here visible behind the piece of art (representing a droplet of water) (N49.289420, W123.114133):

We continued onward to Gastown. The steam clock is considered the center of Gas town(N49.284359, W123.108836):

On the 2nd photograph you can see the Vancouver lookout in the background. We stopped by there, but did not go in. Maybe we will do this on the last day of our vacation (we will be back in Vancouver then).

We also stopped at the statue of Gassy Jack. Gas town is named after him. (N49.283334, W123.104304):

Next destination was China town. First we had a look at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. A part you can just enter (entrance N49.279882, W123.103411).

For another part you had to pay. It seemed a bit expensive so we did not go in. On the square infront of the entrance there were also festivities for Canada day. The Canadian flag was raised and a number of speeches were given by Canadians and Chinese from Chinese-Canadian community in order to strengthen the Chinees-Canadese bond. There was going to be a performance of the “Dragons”:

But the speeches kept coming so we left without seeing them in action.

We had a look at the China town gate (N49.280699, W123.105264):

Then we had seen enough and went back towards our hotel. We passed the Olympic Cauldron (N49.289285, W123,117773) of the Olympic winter games of 2010:

We also got something to drink there as it was rather hot.

There were a number of sea planes flying tourists back and forth, the mooring location was behind the cauldron:


After stopping by our hotel room we continued in the direction of Stanley Park. We passed the marina (N49.296281, W123.135423) dat we can see from our hotelroom

Waliking a little bit further we got to the totem poles (N49.299198, W123.121151):

All the way at the tip is a small lighthouse (N49.300791, W123.116857):

From there you also have a good view of Canada place. The Disney boat left in the meenwhile.

We reached the end of the afternoon by now and decided to head back to the hotel to take the care to the Capilano suspension bridge (parkeer area N49.341749, W123.113081) and to check if we could get something to eat there. Despite the name the park is more than just a suspension brigde. It is not very busy I guess because we arrived rather late in the day. There are even moments that the largest part of the bridge is empty (see second photograph)

At the otherside of the brige they made a walking path high up in the trees, with little suspension bridges.

There is also a walkway along the cliffwall:
In the background you can see the suspension bridge.

We did not see a lot of wildlife (just too many people walking aroun), but there were some squirrels

After walking all the paths (it is not very big there) we got something to eat in the park. Afterwards we went back to the park. In heinsight, the park is a bit pricy for the amount of things to see, but what was there was nice.

Back in the hotel we stayed up to see the firework show in the bay in honor of Canada day. This was rather nicely visible from our suite.

Once that was finished we went to bed because it was rather a long day. The weather was very good.