Canada day 20 and 21: Vancouver, Vancouver Lookout, Granville island, Inukshuk, Schiphol

Today we are flying back to the Netherlands. The airplane leaves at 5:26pm, hence we still have another day to look at downtown Vancouver. We parked our car in Stanley Park because the parking fee is not too high and we can still walk to downtown Vancouver. We decide to go to Vancouver lookout despite the rather high entrance fee because we did not have a chance to visit it when we first arrived in Vancouver(N49.284637, W123.112747).

The view is pretty good. Here is a stitched hi-resolution panorama (I did need to scale it down by 50% because wordpress does not support images with more than 16000 pixels in width…):

Few photographs:

Zoomed in on the iron worker memorial bridge:

The stadiun on the right side:

We then went in the direction of Granville island(N49.271476, W123.134809) via Granville St. bridge. Granville is a development of an old industrial complex into a more urban setting, a little bit like Strijp S in Eindhoven the Netherlands.
It actaully was a pretty long walk from the outlook to Granville.


Time was moving on and we decided it was time to go back to the airport. We walked past the Seafort Armoury (N49.270855, W123.145325):

Via the Burrard bridge to Inukshuk (N49.284314, W123.143500):

These stone statues are used by the Inuit as signpost and represent hospitality and friendship. They are a bit like the cairn found elsewhere in the world.

Once back at the car we went to the airport and handed in the car. That went really smooth. We went through security etc and then the wait started

It was a long flight again. I did manage to sleep a bit. Once back in Schiphol we took the train and taxi back home.

This was a good holiday. We have seen a lot of wildlife. However, I did actually expect it to be a bit more “rough”, less cultivated. Mt Revelstoke was more or less how I expected more of canada would have been like.