Curaçao Day 2: Jan Thiel beach, Restaurant Salú

Today we do not have a rental car yet, but very close to our resort there is a beach: The Jan Thiel beach. We took our snorking gear and underwater camera. We can enter here for free, because we stay at the Chogogo but we do have to pay for the beach beds.

We took a bed in front of restaurant zanzibar restaurant (N12.075867, W68.879704), close to the steps which lead to the water. It is a rather nice white beach as you can see on the photograph:
It could be that the sand was taken from a different location, it does not look 100% natural.

The water is very clear there:

Also some koral:

And quite some fish:

At night we went to the restuarant at the resort, restuarant Salú, we had a view of the pool(N12.078562 W68.878788):

The food there was rather good. I had a cheeseburger and Monique had a tournedos.