Curaçao day 9: Playa Grandi, Sea Turtles

In the sea around Curaçao there are also a lot of sea turtles. The best place to spot them is Playa Grandi (N12.3694415 W69.15405538). On this beach the fishermen clean the fish they catch and toss the waste back into the water. The turtles like to eat the fish parts, hence there are a lot of turtles there. Even without snorkling gear you can easily spot them, however with snorkling gear it is a lot better. Few of the best pictures and movies:

The rest of the we just relaxed and did not do much.

For diner we made something ourselves again. We got some beef from the supermarket. However this was not very nice. Monique did not finish her piece, I managed to eat most of it…