Canada day 9: Valemount, Jasper national park, Maligne lookout, Maligne Canyon, Medicine lake, Moose lake, Maligne lake, Athabasca falls, Sunwapta falls, Jasper

Today we made a tour through Jasper from Valemount. Tonight we will sleep at the same location again as yesterday. We decide to first go in the direction of Maligne lake. The first stop is at Magligne lookout (parking area N52.918791, W118.000714). De parking area is right next to the lookout point. From there you have a good view over the Maligne rivier valley:

The parking area for Magligne canyon is close by (N52.921225, W117.998480). On highsight we could have walked there, but we did not know that when driving there. From the parking area it is a small walk to the rapids:

From that location you can walk a long way down the rivir. You will see a number of different rapids/waterfalls. We also passed an area where water was coming down into the canyon together with the sun a nice rainbow appeared:

There are a number of briges to cross the canyon:

Also spotted some “wild life” :

There was a nest with birds on the canyon wall:

At one point we turned around and went all the way to the beginning of the canyon:

After we got some drinks at a small shop near the entrance we drove onwards towards Maligne lake. This road follows the Maligne rivier. We passed Medicine lake (N52.862451, W117.763398):

Little bit down the road (N52.852296, W117.740170) we saw some mountain goats walking on the rock wall:

All the way at the end of the road you reach Magligne lake (parking area N52.725959, W117.644216). From there you can walk in different directions We decided to go to Moose lake (N52.717199, W117.644716). The path three was really quiet, through a small forest. The lake itself was pretty serene, but there were a lot of mosquito’s so we did not stay long. But it was rather nice there:

Normally you could continue the path from Moose lake to Maligne lake, but that was closed now. Hence we walked back the same path towards the car then a little further to the Maligne lake:
As you can see there were people with canoes on the lake.

After we had seen that we decided to go to Athabasca falls. We need to drive the same road all the way back along the Maligne river. We came across more mountain goats. Now in the middle of the road!

From Athabasca falls parking area (N52.666173, W117.882986) it is a small walk to the waterfall.

You can view the waterfall from different sides:

They also made a path through one of the old canals of the river:

Area after the falls:

I made a few “long exposures”:

1000 fps movie:

From Athabasca we drove to Sunwapta falls. Along the way we saw a bear:

Lijkt er op dat dit weer een zwarte beer is…

From the Sunwapta parking area (N52.533285, W117.645464) it is still a small walk to the falls

After that we drove to Jasper to get something to eat. Did a quick stop to make a picture of the Athabasca rivir (N52.616540, W117.844992):

A little bit down the road we saw another bear:

In Jasper we ate pizza at the Jasper pizza place. This was rather poor. Pizza was rather cold and the temperature inside the restaurant was a;sp rather cold. So we quickly ate the pizza to get back to Valemount. We spotted strange kind of deer along the way:

Today we saw a lot of things in Jasper. I think we could have spend here another day, but alas we have to continue tomorrow to go to Sun peaks.