Canada day 17: Coombs, Cameron lake, Giant cedar trail, Tofino, Victoria

Today we are going to Victoria via Tofino. On the advice of the the B&B owner we will stop at Coombs (N49.305504, W124.423648). Apparantly there are goats on a room somewhere. We did not know if they were real goats or statues or something. When gettings ther we already spotted the goats, but first took a photo of a bird flying overhead, looks like a bald:

But the goats turend out to be real goats:
They are standing on the roof of a shop. Was kinda fun sight to see.

There was not that much else to see in Coombs, se we drove on. After a while we stopped to take a picture at Cameron lake (N49.289485, W124.618458). The wind was really calm so the water was an almost perfect mirror:

Geeft wel een speciaal effect.

We drove onward on the 4 and came to the “giant cedar trail” (N49.176930, W125.396378). This looked like a good thing to view so we stopped. It is a short path that leads to some giant cedar trees. It is rather difficult to show on the photograph how big the trees really are:

If you follow the path onwards then it will turn back towards the parking area and you reach an area with a lot of verns:

We got going again and we all of a sudden ended up in a traffic jam. Apprantly they are working on the road and only 1 lane is available

We finally arrived in Tofino, but it was rather boring there. We got some ice cream and I captured the view:

After that we drove back to Victoria, which was a large part back along the same road we took going to Tofino (the road that was half closed). We will sleep tonight at the “University cabana inn”
(N48.474657, W123.332828). Dit is een soort of B&B with two kamers, only without breakfast… The room was rather big, but furniture was a bit low budget. So we cannot really recommend it. No clue what this has to do with the university…

We went for some take away food and then we relaxed a bit in the room before we went to sleep.