Curaçao day 15/16: Flight back to Schiphol

Today was our last day on Curaçao. We will go again with the transfer bus to the airport. We were picked up at the reception. I made one last photograph of the resort before we left:

Checking in went smotth. Then the waiting begins till we can board. We have the PH-TKF:

Last look on the terminal before we taxi to the beginning of the runway:

The flight back was rather boring again. We tried to sleep but did not really manage. Eventually we reach the Netherlands. We fly along the coast to the north:

After we exit the airplane we ended up at a drugs check. People were being searched and there were dogs etc. This is the first time we experienced this. Luckily they do not pick us from the line and we can continue. After pasport check and baggage claim our bags did get scanned for drugs…

Afterwards we picked up a large cup of coffee (to stay awake a bit) before we go back with the shuttle bus to the parking garage. One last picture from the parkinggarage with my phone:

One more car trip to get back home and our holiday is over.